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Good-bye 2020, hello 2021. Chasing butterflies!

2020 – you’ve been a hell of a year. Untamed, weird and challenging. Throwing us back on ourselves. Showing us what is means to not take anything for granted. Digging up so much hate and love in mankind, forcing us to show our true colors, values and vulnerability. Those of you who read my review of 2019 know that I had set two focus areas for myself in 2020: Holism: Digging deeper into how everything in life is connected. Detoxing: letting go of beliefs and habits (maybe also people) that are not fueling my energy and matching my values.   Looking back, I am happy that I managed to integrate both topics into my learning journey this year, although partly in other ways than I had anticipated. Holism is a concept...


Good-bye, 2019: lots of changes, lots of great new people in my life.

With every call of life, the heart must be ready to part and start again, in courage and joy, surrendering to new, otherly liasons, as In the core of every beginning lives magic Magic that protects us and helps us live. Hermann Hesse, Stufen   2019 has been a year of fresh starts. Most of them have been quite familiar from the past: moving houses, starting new jobs, even having a newborn at home. However, as Heraclit says: “No man ever steps in the same river twice, for it's not the same river and he's not the same man.” So by reliving many moments from the past in an entirely new context, I learned a lot this year:   Being a mom of two, does not equal kids x 2, but kids2: Like every...

Good-bye 2018, Hello 2019 – Moving on.

Good-bye siroop! Finding closure What a ride it has been. After joining this audacious company as one of the very first employees in 2015, I decided to quit my position as Head of Product at siroop at the end of 2017. I had dedicated all my passion and a considerable chunk of my time to building this new marketplace in Switzerland. Over 200 siroopies, hundreds of merchants and more than 350'000 customers had joined us along the way. However, after commuting three hours a day, managing daycare logistics and organizing a wedding, I realized it was time to get my priorities straight and spend more quality time with my family. Leaving siroop was hard. I had found wonderful friends, sparring partners and talented team mates there. We fought together, we made...


My talk from MTP Engage has been published

https://vimeo.com/283917618   “The hallmark of successful scaling is knowing when to hit the brakes so you can scale faster later,” according to Bob Sutton, organizational behavior expert at Stanford’s School of Engineering. I couldn’t agree more. Finding the right moment to enter the growth phase is crucial. Startups are quite vulnerable to focusing too much on scaling fast in terms of customers, employees, and revenue, while neglecting the equally important growth mindset and culture that is needed in order to prepare for successfully growing the company. When I was Head of Product at siroop, the first open online-marketplace in Switzerland, I learned a lot about the challenges that come with products and companies at scale. Not only did we launch the marketplace from scratch within three months, but also...


What Exactly is Digital Transformation?

Having studied Comparative Literature, I am not a fan of buzz words but rather fancy crystal clear expressions. However, when trying to explain one of my focus areas – empowering companies to live up to their full potential in the digital space – it is hard to avoid using the term „Digital Transformation“. That is why I feel it might be useful to share a couple of thoughts on that topic: