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At Product Academy, I am working with renowned clients (p.ex. Google, Swisscom, Just Eat Take-away.com) and talented teams or individuals from all industries. My experience includes product management and leadership roles in e-commerce, media and consulting in Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Spain and the US. In addition, I have been involved in four start-ups as (co-)founder or part of the first management team.

I am driven by my passion for life-long learning and am constantly trying to deepen and diversify my skill set. Currently, I hold a bachelor's degree in Comparative Literature (LMU Munich, Germany), a Master of Science in Management (Fernuniversität Hagen, Germany), an International Diploma in Business Administration and Project Management (UC Berkeley) as well as a coaching certificate.

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My Why

Here is what gets me out of bed in the morning (except my two toddlers; -)

My Personal Why

Connecting whole-hearted humans on their individual learning journey and exploring my own potential in a holistic, mindful and entrepreneurial way.

My Professional Why

Empowering companies to pursue the vision of a truly learning organization and creating lively communities of product people connected through their desire to continuously learn and shape our world with curiosity and courage.

My Values

include intuition, passion, courage, agility, curiosity, entrepreneurial mindset, life-long learning & personal growth, servant leadership, sustainability, mindfulness, hospitality, friendship and family.

My Motivation

I am driven by my values and passionate about people and projects with potential.

Being Whole-Hearted

Putting everything I am into everything I do.

Life-Long Learning

Getting out of my comfort zone and never stop learning.

Getting Sh.. Done

Making things happen, not just talking about it.

Passionate People

I like to surround myself with like-minded positive people who take ownership for their life and impact.

What Others Say About Me

Tanja gave an excellent workshop on Product Management and the importance of testing assumptions within the framework of the SINGA Factory startup program. Tanja adapted seamlessly to needs and questions of the group and also asked the right questions back. Tanja is an incredibly professional, empathetic and hands-on coach and an expert in her field. It is a pleasure having her in the program.

Ella Stuart

Project Officer at SINGA Switzerland

Tanja Lau has DIGITAL in her blood. She has brought her enthusiasm for e-commerce and digital business processes to various start-ups. The best-known of these is siroop. At the FHNW, she has already proven her great expertise in a campus talk on "E-Commerce: Conversion Optimization" and as a guest lecturer in the seminar Digital Leadership. I am looking forward to further exciting projects around e-commerce with her.

Prof. Martina Dalla Vecchia

Prof. for E-Commerce, Media & Business Networking at FHNW

Tanja led the product organization at siroop during my time as a product manager. I reported to her as my manager for two years. I got to know Tanja as a smart, competent and kind line manager. I would like to highlight the power of this particular skillset: But Tanja is also funny and expresses herself with flair and charisma, either one-to-one or one-to-many. I was particularly impressed by Tanja’s people skills and her ability to lead the team. It takes much leadership experience to grant a maximum of autonomy to your team members while still ensuring optimal product delivery and strategic alignment across teams. I am grateful for the many educational insights I was able to gain from Tanja and can look back to great times and a great, honest and trusting relationship with her. I can highly recommend accepting a job offer from Tanja or working alongside with her in any of her future endeavors.

Anton Plank

Product Manager

Tanja is one of the most capable, smart and kind professionals I have ever worked with. Her standards of quality are what I would describe as "Perfect". Her ability to understand complex situations, plan and organise what needs to be done is just outstanding, and it made my time working with her a delightful experience. She is all what you'd expect from a COO and much much more. I can't wait to find an excuse to work with her again in the future!

Álvaro Sanmartin Cid

Co-Founder & Head of Growth at SkillsMatter

I hardly met anyone as driven and energetic as Tanja. She would not stop until she gets the results that meet her highest standards, and she is constantly trying to raise the bar. Yet she’s also willing to take risks and is not afraid of failing, as she embraces the fact that you need to fail sometimes to succeed in the long-term. And on top of that, she’s very supportive and has a great sense of humor.

Christian Lippl

Senior Marketing Manager Alexa Voice Services at Amazon

Tanja ist eine grossartige Person: sie ist inspirierend, bringt eine positive Haltung mit, denkt über jeden Tellerrand hinaus und verblüfft nicht zuletzt durch ihre ausgeprägte Argumentationsstärke. Tanja stellt zudem ihre Interessen nicht in den Vordergrund, sondern handelt immer zum Wohl der Mitarbeiter und der Firma. Wichtig ist Tanja der Blick aufs Grosse Ganze. Transparenz, Flexibilität, konstruktives Feedback und Zuverlässigkeit habe ich in der Zusammenarbeit mit Tanja auch sehr geschätzt.

Judith Oldekop

Head of People & Culture at siroop

Tanja successfully recruited the Product and UX team at siroop which specified, designed and supervised the development of a shopping platform with 10 merchants and thousands of products within 6 months from prototyping to production. Later on, she scaled the siroop product to host over a million products from hundreds of merchants within another year serving thousands of customers daily. Tanja's most impressive skill is her determined passion, that allows her to reach virtually every goal. She is never afraid of the challenge and keeps calm in the most hectic situations. She is definitely the strongest character I have ever seen managing a product at scale.

Isa Steiner

Product Manger YouTube



Tanja Lau

Product Leader, Speaker, Consultant & Entrepreneur

I love coaching teams and enabling companies to build truly learning organizations.

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