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Examples of Public & Inhouse Workshops I am offering

Special Rates for NGOs and Start-ups

When I spent a couple of months at UC Berkeley in San Francisco, I fell in love with the fast-moving world of start-ups and entrepreneurs. So I followed my gut feeling and was was lucky enough to be involved in different start-up and spin-off projects in the US, Spain, Germany and Switzerland ever. This is why I am offering Special rates for start-ups and NGOs that match my values and spike my interest. Feel free to get in touch if you are interested!

Hands-on and Ready to Implement. 

Your time is precious and you definitely do not need another blah-blah slide show. This is why I make it my mission to provide concrete examples, useful templates and best practices in order for you to start implementing your new strategy and quick wins tomorrow.

Tailored Inhouse Solutions

Most of my workshops are offered either as public events in Bern and Zurich or as custom inhouse workshops that are tailored to your needs and your status-quo. Depending on the number of participants, your timeline and the context of your current challenges, you might prefer one or the other. I am happy to discuss your options on the phone.