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Rapid Prototyping & Customer-Centric Innovation – Workshop

Tanja Lau / Rapid Prototyping & Customer-Centric Innovation – Workshop

Rapid Prototyping & Customer-Centric Innovation – Workshop

Coaching & Consulting

Your would like to foster innovation and future-proof your product-market fit?

Innovation is not just a lucky shot. It is the result of a customer-centric mindset, lean processes and rapid experiments in order to validate crystal-clear hypothesis. If you would like to empower your teams to deliver fast results, discover dead-ends and train their innovation skills, this workshop is a perfect starting point for you.


This workshop works best for you if

  • you are at an early stage of looking for product-market fit or feel like what you once believed in no longer seems to work
  • you feel your competition is getting ahead of you, but you do not know how to catch up
  • it feels like your company is not moving fast enough although you are investing quite some time and resources into your product development


Your benefits

In this compact 4-hour workshop you will learn more about different ways to perform rapid prototyping including

  • experiment templates and hypothesis backlogs
  • customer interviews and market research
  • design sprints and other useful frameworks
  • best practices and pitfalls



4 hours

Price & Venue

This workshop is offered on a regular basis as public workshop in Bern or Zurich and can also be booked as inhouse workshop tailored to your company’s needs. Please contact me to learn more about the next dates and current rates. Since I am passionate about start-ups and NGOs, I might also be able to offer special rates for your company.


Workshop Feedback

Tanja¬†helped us to establish a more strategic product development approach by focusing on the most important areas. Her structured way of working as well as her own start-up experience have been extremely helpful to us.“

– Irene Schlatter, WeAct AG, Zurich


This is part of my coaching and consulting work. To learn more about other projects I am involved in, please refer to my project portfolio.

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