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Past Talks & Current Topics

In this section you will find a selection of topics I am currently covering with talks and some recordings of past events.

Current Topics for Talks and Workshops

If you are interested in booking me as speaker for your event or company, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Data-Driven Product Management.

Product Management is all about maximizing the value you deliver to your customers and stakeholders. This forces you to take decisions every day. At siroop, I developed a business scoring tool that is supporting our data-driven approach when it comes to selecting the next topics for our roadmaps and backlogs. I’d love to share insights into how and why this tool was created and how we embedded it into our core processes in product management.

Leadership at Scale. 

As founding partner of two start-ups and one of the first employees of siroop, I have learned a lot about the unique challenges in fast-growing organizations. Leading at the speed of growth is all about constantly adapting your leadership style and processes while looking out for signals that you are about to transition into the next phase.

Re-Inventing Yourself at Full Speed. 

Shortly after launching the first beta version of siroop, we decided to rebuild our shop framework in-house to better suit our specific needs as marketplace. This case study shows how we managed to do product management for two marketplaces in parallel and ensured the launch of our second beta version by focusing on launch KPIs, OKRs and cultural transformation.

Rapid Prototyping and Assumption Mapping.

Product management is very much focused on delivering and constantly ensuring product-market fit. Managing your hypothesis backlog and designing lean experiments that matter will help you to focus on the riskiest assumptions testable (RAT) and to future-proof your products and organizations.

Getting Ready for Your Digital Transformation. 

When change is the only constant, the main challenge for companies is to become truly learning and responsive organizations. In this talk or workshop we will discuss challenges, best practices and pitfalls of the digital transformation.

Improv Theater for Product Teams.

Looking for a fun activity at your team event? Try improv theatre with me and be amazed about how much you can learn from your daily work while having a great time with your team.