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What does WeAct do?

WeAct is a start-up based in Zurich focused on providing new ways to foster a sustainable lifestyle. Changing long-term behavior is difficult – simply imparting knowledge usually does not drive change. WeAct has developed an innovative and fun approach that motivates people to try out new activities and train better habits. By engaging in a team competition format powered by the WeAct online platform and app people are playfully introduced to new topics and can practice new behavior patterns.  Many different companies such as IKEA, Swisscom, AXA or KUONI have included the WeAct challenge into their company’s corporate social responsibility programs.


How was I involved?

The WeAct team approached me for an outside view and feedback on their current strategy to improve product-market fit and become profitable in the future. I was happy to provide a kick-off workshop where we discussed some of my observations regarding their hypothesis work, market research, desirability and viability of the product. The workshop will be followed by on-demand coaching sessions to provide feedback along the way.


Workshop Feedback

Tanja helped us to establish a more strategic product development approach by focusing on the most important areas. Her structured way of working as well as her own start-up experience have been extremely helpful to us.“

– Irene Schlatter, WeAct


If you are interested in their sustainability program, please take a look at their website:


This is part of my coaching and consulting work. To learn more about other projects I am involved in, please refer to my project portfolio.

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