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SINGA Factory

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What is SINGA?

The first SINGA organisation was founded in 2012 in Paris. SINGA has won a number of awards and prizes for its innovative and inclusive programs and has managed to create a network of committed people worldwide. Since SINGA’s initial inception in Paris, a number of local SINGA organisations have been established across the world.


SINGA Factory – a start-up program for immigrants

People from refugee and migrant backgrounds have great potential to contribute, but this potential often goes unfulfilled in Switzerland. With its different programs SINGA wants to establish an environment where people from refugee and migrant backgrounds can participate in society and find the necessary network to build their life in Switzerland. SINGA believes it is human connection that builds bridges and clears up misunderstandings, allowing people to learn from each other, to be inspired by each other, and to work together to build a truly inclusive society.

The main activity is currently the SINGA Factory: a part-time startup program for people from a refugee and migration background wanting to start a business in Switzerland.


How am I involved?

As part of the current SINGA Factory start-up program for immigrants I am teaching a workshop on rapid prototyping, assumption mapping and challenges in product management. It is a very inspiring to see all those different business ideas grow and fun to help dig deeper into the hypothesis they are based on.


Workshop Feedback

Tanja gave an excellent workshop on Product Management and the importance of testing assumptions within the framework of the SINGA Factory startup program. Tanja adapted seamlessly to the needs and questions of the group and also asked the right questions back. Tanja is an incredibly professional, empathetic and hands-on coach and an expert in her field. It is a pleasure having her in the program.“

– Ella Stuart, SINGA Factory


If you are interested in joining or supporting this really great entrepreneurship program, please take a look at their website: https://singaswitzerland.ch/de/welcome-de/

This is part of my pro bono work. To learn more about other pro bono projects I am involved in, please refer to my project portfolio.

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