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Ladies in E-Commerce 2017

Tanja Lau / Ladies in E-Commerce 2017

Ladies in E-Commerce 2017


Offering a female perspective on the world of e-Commerce, this event will discuss all aspects of women and e-Commerce, from leadership to online shopping.

I was honored to speak at this event and I am excited to meet my female colleagues in the Swiss e-commerce sector.


From Founders to Leaders – Scaling an E-Commerce Start-Up

Looking back at my experience at different start-ups in Madrid, Munich and Zurich, I would like to share what I have learned so far about scaling an e-commerce start-up.

This is what you can expect from my talk:

  • a comparison between starting a self-funded company, working for an incubator and being part of a spin-off
  • scaling processes at different orders of magnitude
  • some lessons learned and pitfalls to watch out for
  • a couple of remarks on leadership and decentralized control


Product Leader, Speaker, Consultant & Entrepreneur