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ProductTank Bern – Unlocking & Managing Growth 2018

Tanja Lau / ProductTank Bern – Unlocking & Managing Growth 2018

ProductTank Bern – Unlocking & Managing Growth 2018


In February 2018, we launched the very first ProductTank Meetup in Bern. Since we are probably all starting 2018 with big goals and ideas on how to grow our products and companies, we chose “Growth” as our first topic. The first talk was given by my dear friend Alvaro Sanmartin, Head of Growth at SkillsMatter in London, followed by my own talk:


“Re-inventing yourself at full speed – Product Management in a fast scaling start-up” 

Within about two years, siroop has grown from a couple of people with a prototype into a well-known company with over 200 employees and a full-blown set of products and processes. However, we are continuously validating hypothesis and re-inventing us at full speed. I’d like to share a couple of thoughts on the challenges we have been facing in terms of culture, tools and processes and some things I have learned about leading at the speed of growth.




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