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Mind The Product Engange 2018

Tanja Lau / Mind The Product Engange 2018

Mind The Product Engange 2018


I was more than honoured that I have been nominated as a speaker for Mind The Product’s conference MTP Engage in Hamburg.

Beta² – Reinventing Yourself at Full Speed

Marketplaces are complex products to manage. When they are built in the spotlight by a fast-scaling organization, the challenge becomes even more intense. At siroop, we built a beta version on top of a beta version, starting the relaunch of our Swiss online marketplace only five months after ist first public go-live. Developing two shops in parallel while growing fast in terms of employees, customers, merchants and products, we had to continously adapt our technical setup, teams, culture and processes. I’d like to share some lessons learnt, some insights into different organizational set-ups we tried and what I learned about leading at the speed of growth.


The conference was truly inspiring – I can only recommend for you to watch some of the keynotes: http://engage.mindtheproduct.com/hamburg/keynotes-2018/

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